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1424 Speight Ave, Waco, Texas 76706

(254) 753-9364

Archive Article The Lariat- May 2013

Posted 8/27/2016

(Note:) The ductwork is no longer the same, we've upgraded recently to improve the AC function, and we do accept debit and credit cards.


By Emilie Sims

“When I first came here, hamburgers were 25 cents, and for a nickel extra you could get an order of fries in a basket, and 15 cents extra was a Coke.”

Longtime Cupp’s Drive Inn customer Fred Winslow, who has been a regular since the 1960s, said he remembers a simpler time at this locally owned diner.

With its old-fashioned barstools and its counter in front of the flat grill, Cupp’s Drive Inn provides locals with a dining experience they will find nowhere but this small family-owned restaurant. Tucked behind a fast food chain at 15th Street and Speight Avenue, just off Interstate 35, this small all-American diner proves it has stood the test of time as generations of families continue to visit Cupp’s.

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Austin Chronicle Day Trips: Cupp's Drive-Inn Waco

Posted 8/18/2016

The Austin Chronicle - Day Trips Cupp's Drive-Inn Article


Cupp's Drive-Inn has possibly sold hamburgers in the same location longer than any other business in Waco.

Day Trips: Cupp's Drive-Inn, Waco

Obscured from the view of motorists on I-35 by the obnoxious national-chain hamburger stands along the frontage road, the little family-owned restaurant has been at the corner of 15th Street and Speight Avenue since 1929 when it was called Heating's Eatings. Back then, much as it is today, the little diner was a neighborhood joint favored by Baylor University students and families.


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